Saturday, November 28, 2009

thanksgiving recap

So Thanksgiving dinner in our home was a success!  We hosted those who could not go home for the holiday weekend and it was the perfect way to celebrate our first Thanksgiving as newlyweds and away from our families.  We cooked up a feast with turkey, stuffing (one veggies and one sausage), mashed potatoes, creamed corn, appetizers, and of course spiced cider!  We borrowed our neighbor/friend's kitchen table to create one long family style table.  I loved it - made me think of how much I look forward to having my family sit around a big dining room table together.  Here's a peek at how everything turned out:

Our kitty, Socrates, was helping to set the table!

We also had our friend bring her plates, silverware and wine glasses.  Altogether it looked very festive!

We set up drinks and appetizers on the breakfast bar.

The turkey's done! 
It actually was done way too early, but thankfully it didn't dry out or anything and tasted perfect.

After dinner, we served some yummy alcohol infused chocolates with dessert.  They were from Sam's Club and were a hit!  Everyone loved it!

 One of our friends made gingerbread cookies for us all to decorate.  It was such a great after dessert activity!

At the end of the night, we just collapsed on the couch and felt so grateful for friends to help make being away for the holidays a bit more like home.  It was a wonderful, satisfying feeling to have successfully hosted such a wonderful event in our new home.

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