Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wedding Dress

Don't worry, I won't show any pictures of the dress or possible dresses, but the process of dress shopping was so much fun, I had to include some pics! The first couple pictures are from a gorgeous bridal shop in Westbrook, CT (next to Water's Edge).

And of course a few trips to NYC were in order! First, to Kleinfeld's (the crazy store from "Say Yes to the Dress" show on TLC) with Beth. We found some great contenders there... as well as some crazy dresses at other shops! Gotta love New York!

And then another trip to to New York with my mom, my grandmother, and my aunt Sue. The dress shopping can be so distressing that a few glasses of wine are often needed!

This is the "I think I found THE DRESS" celebration picture: :)

Welcome to our blog!

So I thought I'd start up a blog about wedding-related things, to blog the process of getting married! So far, I'm wishing that wedding planning was my full-time job, but unfortunately there is a Ph.D. to be had. Stay tuned for photos and updates throughout the next 9 months!